Captain James “Rollo” Heyn
Aug. 5, 1959 – Feb. 4, 1999

Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea is a non-profit educational organization named after Captain James “Rollo” Heyn

Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea is a non-profit educational organization named after Captain James “Rollo” Heyn of the long-range sportfishing boat Royal Polaris and dedicated to sending kids on marine-awareness fishing trips. Rollo was famous for his fishing skills and his life-long passion for the sport. As a youngster, Rollo worked in a tackle shop after school and on weekends, and then as a charter boat cook and deckhand during his teen years. He spent 18 years as a crewmember aboard the Royal Polaris where his reputation as a skilled angler and patient teacher grew. Rollo’s extensive knowledge of and tremendous sense of enthusiasm for the fishing industry earned him a special place in the hearts of those who knew him.

It is in Rollo’s memory that Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea seeks to introduce children to the wonderful world of fishing that Rollo so loved.

Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea works with kids from all walks of life and welcomes the opportunity to introduce as many kids as possible to the wonders that the ocean provides through fishing.